Pewter Pentagram Pagan Pentacle Tetragrammaton Runes Christmas Ornament and Holiday Decoration (55H)


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This exquisite Tetragrammaton Pentagram Ornament is handcast and hand-finished in solid American Pewter with a shiny finish resembling antiqued sterling silver. The Key Ring is the classic split ring and measures 1 1/4 inch or 32mm.

Pentagram Details
Length including loop: 1 1/2"
Width: 1 1/8"
Ribbon: Red, Double-Faced Satin
All of our pewter is lead free, nickel free and cadmium free...Made in the USA!

A little History about the Pentagram…
A Pentagram is the shape of a five-pointed star which comes from the Greek word meaning five lines. Pentagrams were used symbolically in ancient Greece, Christians once more commonly used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus and it also has associations within Freemasonry.

The Pentagram has magical associations, and many people who practice neopagan faiths wear jewelry incorporating the symbol. It is often used as a Pentacle which is an Amulet used in magical evocation…generally made of parchment, paper or metal…on which the symbol of a spirit or energy being evoked is drawn.

The text TET-RAG-RAM-MAT-ON is the unpronounceable Name of God.
Greek for "4 letters," it is a Hebrew name for God that is often only written because it is considered too holy to be spoken aloud.

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